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By Tara Alexander posted June 30, 2016

The UK has voted to leave the EU so what does this mean for the vaping industry and TPD?

Last week it was announced that the UK voted to leave the European Union and as a result David Cameron has decided to resign as Prime Minister. So where does this leave the regulations surrounding the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) and the vaping industry as a whole?
As it stands Britain can trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in a bid to start formal negotiations surrounding the terms of the UK’s withdrawal. As the Prime Minister is set to stand down from his role by October, these negotiations will be passed on to his successor. Article 50 sets a two-year time limit for reaching a deal and will only be extended if all member states agree. These negotiations involve the UK going through masses of laws which currently bind the UK to the EU. Some of these current laws will be kept, as some areas of EU policy are shared with non-EU countries. However, we are unsure as to how, and when, the UK might begin these negotiations.
Although the UK has voted to leave the EU we must continue to abide by EU laws until negotiations are finalised which could take in access of 2 years, therefore the TPD is still valid. Only when negotiations are finalised will we know for sure if the TPD will still stand in UK law after we leave. Even if the TPD is not reintegrated into UK law vaping products must still be compliant to sell to countries within the EU, so time, money and effort spent on becoming complaint will not go to waste.
For help and advice on the TPD and how to become compliant please contact our team at VAST via our contact us page.


By Tara Alexander posted June 10th, 2016

Lord Callanan has done an extraordinary amount for vaping over the years and was the man who led and fought off the compulsory medicinal regulation of e-cigarettes in October 2013, saving the vaping industry for 500 million Europeans.

As an MEP of the House of Lords he stepped up once again for the vaping industry and has fought long and hard against the drastic restrictions now laid out in the TPD by the European Union (EU). The same vaping restrictions that were regarded as “perverse” and “contradictory” by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The lords are aware with the problems surround the TPD’s rules on vaping. Government officials have acknowledged that the TPD regulations could force people back to smoking which would be a devastating prospect. The health minister also informed the Lords that he hopes enforcement of the TPD would be lax and the shadow minister also stated that we could not understand why e-cigarettes were included in the TPD.

Lord Callanan put forward a “fatal” motion to eradicate the TPD legislation which was welcomed by vapers and the vaping industry alike, giving people a glimmer of hope that Article 20 of the TPD would be banished. Under parliamentary rules if the Lords agree to this motion then the statutory instrument implementing the TPD in the UK will fall.

Despite Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s claims Labour have announced that they will vote against Lord Callanan’s fatal motion, leaving all hopes of the Lords vote being won now gone.

While VAST remains opposed to the provisions surrounding vaping products in the TPD, we do acknowledge and support regulations for the industry, which would provide customers with a higher standard of vaping. We believe that TPD regulations are too stringent and modifications still need to be made to make them viable for the industry. The current TPD regulations are making it difficult for companies to become compliant. While we offer our members a helping hand in compliancy we are also campaigning for the industry as a whole for revisions to be made to the TPD.

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