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· Members must never knowingly sell or supply vape products or e-liquid to any individual below the age of 18 or to any person buying vape products or e-liquids on their behalf. This must be clearly stated on their website and sign posted in their retail outlets.

· Vape products or e-liquids must never be knowingly sold to anyone other than current or former smokers or individuals who are current vapers. Members must clearly state on their website and in their retail outlets that vape products and e-liquids are intended to be used by adult smokers and are not suitable for non-smokers.

· Members must never knowingly sell vape products or e-liquids that could be detrimental to an individual’s health (short-term or long term).

· Members must keep record of any adverse effects and incidents that have occurred as a result of products they have manufactured, imported, or sold and where necessary must notify the appropriate authorities.

· Members must not make unsupported tobacco equivalency claims regarding their products i.e. “equivalent to 10 cigarettes” etc..

· Members should never knowingly engage in any activity that may discredit the vaping industry. 

· Member must also respect other association members and not engage in any activity that would discredit their business.

· Members shall respect the confidentially of all business matters and all relatable matters involved in the association.

· Members should not claim any health benefits from usage, and a disclaimer must be displayed on their website and in their retail outlets.

· Members must ensure that a sufficient system is in place that prevents anyone below the age of 18 from purchasing vaping products online.

· Members must never knowingly sell counterfeit products or products that are deemed to be illegal in the UK or Ireland.

· Members agree that they will employ the highest standard of industry practices such as labelling, and will advise customers accordingly on product safety and storage.

· Members must never knowingly misrepresent the performance or safety of their products.

· Members must have valid product liability insurance; if members have retail premises then they must also possess public liability insurance.

· Were applicable members must register and accurately discharge VAT responsibilities. 

· Members agree that batteries comply with CE certificate.

· Members must provide suitable warranties and guarantees in-line with consumer and sector related legislation.

· All members agree to pay association fees in a timely manner.