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What is VAST?

  • VAST is a Vaping Association for Small Traders set up in the interest of the vaping industry.

  • At VAST we are dedicated in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) overcome regulations set out in Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

  • VAST is the only vaping association committed in protecting and representing the vaping industry in both the UK and Ireland.

  • We are a non-profit organisation.


Why would I want to join a VAST?

  • VAST is a trusted organisation central to protecting the industry.

  • VAST can provide you with specialist reliable advice, which is not always readily available to SME’s.

  • Joining VAST will enhance your company’s reputation.

  • VAST provides great networking opportunities, creates better business opportunities.

  • There is power in numbers, have your voice heard.

  • Comes with commercial benefits.

  • It would be in the financial interests of your business.

How can VAST help me?

  • VAST will work with you on becoming TPD compliant, becoming compliant is important for the future of your business.

  • We will inform you of products that are subject to TPD and help you understand how products can be made compliant.

  • At VAST we will guide you through the transition periods set out in the TPD so that you are aware of how your company can transition into becoming compliant.

  • We will help you through the notification process.

  • We can submit notifications on your behalf.

  • We can organise for your products to be tested.

  • At VAST we can help you source new compliant products or products that have already been notified.

  • We will help you register your cross border sales.

  • If you OEM or manufacture your own products we will inform you on labelling legislation.

  • We will keep you fully updated on any industry changes.

  • We will help you stay within the law.


What resources will VAST provide me with to help me become compliant?

  • We will provide you with straightforward and easy to read guidance documents covering all aspects of TPD.

  • At VAST we will take the stress out of sourcing new TPD compliant products and provide you with a product catalogue containing TPD compliant products at competitive rates with discounted prices.

  • As a member you will also receive a product catalogue containing notified products that you may also wish to sell with no notification fee attached.

  • Our team at VAST can submit notifications on your behalf and arrange testing.

  • We will hold regular meetings on request to discuss any problems you’re facing in becoming compliant and how we can help.

  • We can also register your cross border sales.

  • We will provide you with and instant contact to our VAST team via our helpline or email address where we can deal with all queries.

  • We will provide you with links to other members so that you may work together on business deals.

  • We will update you on industry changes via frequent newsletter.


How will becoming a member of VAST benefit me?

  • You will cut your company costs on becoming compliant.

  • Becoming compliant will be made straightforward.

  • Your company will be fully prepared for compliancy, becoming some of the first in the industry, “the early bird catches the worm”. 

  • You will not accumulate expensive legal fees to correctly interpret the legislation.

  • You will have a point of contact with a team of TPD advisors.

  • You will be instantly aware of industry changes and have the ability to adapt your company to facilitate those changes.

  • You will be at the forefront of compliancy and will be able to continue to service your customers while abiding by the law.

  • Your business will be able to continue to grow and develop.

  • You will have the opportunity to expand your business connections.

  • You will inherit a “badge of quality” which is appealing to your customer’s, and will become known as a trusted e-cigarette supplier.


Can I become compliant independently?

  • You could become compliant alone; however it is a stringent process.

  • It would involve a full time legal role within your company at additional costs.

  • You would have to make your own notifications which are extremely thorough and very time consuming.

  • Your notification costs would be higher.

  • You would have to source compliant products, which can be very time consuming.

  • Some companies also claim to provide compliant products however they are not, which could see your company face legal action.

  • Your product cost would be higher.

  • You would need to source a trusted manufacturers and testing companies.

  • The TPD is still developing therefore your company would need to keep on top of new and important information.

  • Your company would need to seek out cross border registration forms and complete them.

  • Without the correct advice your company could ultimately close.